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After several months of planning and online training sessions, 05 – 11th of May, 2024 marked the coming together of our Physical Mobility in Soverato, Italy. 5 countries integrated their diverse cultures to practice mindfulness, meditation, breath work, stretching, journaling, & collaboration on the beautiful beaches of Soverato.

Learning Goals Reached:

– Provided Practical Tools to Cultivate Mental Health in a Digital Age

– Shared Mindfulness Exercises to Maintain Emotional Well-being in a Digital Age

– Taught Youths How to Create a Culture of Well-being Amongst Their Peers

Learning Goals Executed During the Mindful Youth Project:

– Provided Digital Skills & Competencies Incorporating How to Maintain Daily Mindfulness

– Taught Physical & Mental Health Strategies for Coping with Digital Over-Stimulation & Strengthen Well-being

– Increased the Quality & Innovation of Youths in Their Work Ethic & Collaboration with Their Peers

The Mindful Youth Project has been an incredible success! It also aligned with JUMP’s 8th Annual Euro.Festival, which is hosted every May in Soverato. The youths enjoyed activities together strengthening their human interaction skills across a multi-cultural background: Italy, Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain and Estonia.

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