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Our team

JUMP is a cultural organization born in Calabria in 2012 from the will of a team of young adults who studied and worked for years outside of the region of Calabria with the same common interest in Europe, its functioning, institutions, and values. Coming back to the native land they discovered that many things could have been done to improve the situation and be active players in the wider European framework. Calabria is a beautiful territory, with charming natural places, the Ionian sea and long sandy beaches, high mountains, lovely hills, and historical hamlets. On the other hand, the region is poor and underdeveloped with two main problems: youth unemployment and depopulation. JUMP wants to solve especially these problems through the development of opportunities for networking, learning, and growing. JUMP works at the international level remaining reliable to the local valorisation and it’s involved in a permanent activity of project design and management.

EDU4U is a non-governmental organization- association that was established in 2014 to support and satisfy the educational, social and cultural needs of different target groups. The aim of the organization is to provide and promote the activities on local, national and international level in the field of education, social and cultural activities as well as to promote friendly relationship with foreign countries. The organization works in the town of Sečovce, in the eastern part of Slovakia, near Košice which was the European Capital of Culture in 2013.

Our organization was established to enable different target groups to develop their personalities and become active in the society they live in.
The activities of our organization are divided into the following groups:

The legal representative has been involved in international projects since 2005. She has been the coordinator of former Comenius and  Leonardo school partnership projects as well as the school exchanges and etwinning projects. She also participated in the Model of UNESCO in Buenos Aires, Argentina and prepares students for this event.  She is the project manager in KA1 project within Erasmus+ that provides traineeship for students in England. She’s been preparing students for exchanges and project meetings abroad and organizing project meetings in the school for the project partners. She’s got the experiences in preparing people for mobility from cultural, linguistic and social sides.

LIDOSK has been working to evaluate nature and create sustainable nature awareness since 2010. Our motto is “the only thing we leave in nature are our footprints.” We believe that nature is our home and only with the help of young people can we keep it safe. We want to combat all forms of discrimination and promote cultural diversity, social cohesion, sustainable development and promote youth mobility in Europe. Our main goal is to activate young people through the promotion of intercultural learning, human rights, active citizenship and volunteering activities. We especially encourage young people with fewer opportunities or disabilities to take action.

We promote intercultural learning, human rights, active citizenship, volunteering, sports for a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection. We also support cooperation between young people through our volunteering projects and exchanges with European countries. We encourage young people to learn more about cultural differences, modernity and digitalization. We work both locally and internationally. We participate in various Erasmus+ projects such as training courses, youth exchanges, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, European Solidarity Corps volunteering programmes, strategic partnership development and capacity building in many different areas. 

NGO Wildstream informs young people about education policy and legislation and involves them in debates on education issues through conferences, seminars, regional round tables.
Other forms of cooperation are also used:
– defending young people’s rights in national education policy-making through appeals to government and other authorities, participation in participatory events, appeals to the public. other forms of influence are also used;
– developing young people through training and counseling and information support measures.
Wildstream cooperates with similar associations in the republic of Estonia and other countries. Wildstream issues and publishes messages, promotional leaflets, and other publications reflecting its activities.

Sonríe a Europa was born in 2019 and it is constantly very active.
The NGO keeps up to date with the needs of young Europeans.

Since the first round we have participated, we have obtained an approved project, also our members have experiences from the numerous Erasmus+, other grant – funded projects and volunteering in other NGOs. Our members have been actively involved in all stages of youth exchanges and training courses. Starting from planning, defining roles and responsibilities of project partners, through meetings, preparation, logistics, communication between all partners involved, arranging project timetables, as well as promotion of projects and dissemination of their results through our Internet pages and by organizing informative sessions for the local youth for better visibility.

Our methodological approach is based on the following principles:

  1. Non-formal education: quality with clear objectives, precise and consistent structure focused on the personal development of the participants´ goals.
  2. Personal development: creating new documents, skills and attitudes.
  3. Acquiring knowledge through various techniques based on a participatory and cooperative learning

Improving the quality of health and social care. Development of innovative educational materials. Solutions in the field of environmental protection.

Our team is composed of specialists in the field of health care, social services, psychological support, development and project management in medical and social activities with interest and experience in innovative methods and new technologies.

Each of us has accepted the protection of the environment and the work of finding effective solutions for its recovery from pollution as a personal mission. We have many years of experience in organizing and conducting voluntary initiatives among children, youth and adults, as well as among groups in an unequal economic, social and health condition.

Zhaneta Cherpokova is the founder and manager of the Institute for Health Activities and Technologies. She is an economist by education with many years of experience in the preparation and implementation of medical and social projects and strategies.