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Last week JUMP invited 24 youth workers & their team leaders to join them in Soverato, Italy for the Physical Mobility. This mobility followed after several months of online training sessions led by Ashley Renée and extensive planning by JUMP’s management and logistics teams. The mobility ran parallel with JUMP’s 8th Edition of the Euro.Festival as well as another impactful group, Natural Born Teachers. The Mindful Youth group was able to enjoy and participate in many local activities led by JUMP’s President, Pietro Curatola, during the Euro.Festival.

From experiencing daily morning meditation, mindfulness sessions and activities, to practicing stretching and breathing techniques, to eating local Calabrian cuisine and swimming in the stunning Ionian Sea, the youths left Italy energized and rejuvenated. They were excited to take all the mindfulness techniques they had learned and practiced throughout the week back to their youth organizations. They also left Italy with new connections and friends.

It was a wonderful week integrated in international interaction, local language, and maintaining mindfulness. The goal of the Mindful Youth project was to find and integrate balance in order to improve mental health in a busy, digital era. JUMP provided 5 countries, Turkey, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Spain, the opportunity to see and explore its beautiful Italian city in the Southern “Boot,” Soverato.

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