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3rd Online Training Session – Creating Mindfulness & Well-being in Youth Organizations

Last night launched our 3rd (& final) OTS for JUMP’s Mindful Youth Project. We had participants from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Estonia, & , of course, Italy. It was a wonderfully mindful session on how to create well-being in youth organizations, as well as in every day life. Two knowledgeable Expert Speakers joined us, one from Estonia, Julia, & one from Spain, Mariami, who spoke on how they would recommend creating mindfulness & well-being in a youth organization. We participated in mindful exercises such as free-style journaling, visualization, and meditation. The group was engaged throughout the session and the feedback was positive after each exercise.

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome our youths & youth workers from all five countries here in Soverato, Italy next month to implement the Physical Mobility! It will be a week of mindful activities on our beautiful beaches, joint sessions with another impactful group, Natural Born Teachers, and an exciting immersion into the VIII EDITION of the Euro.Soul Festival.

One of our main goals is to create & maintain mindfulness & well-being amongst the busy week of Festival d’Europa where we will host close to fifty guests. Another main goal is to provide the youths with the mindful tools to take back with them and integrate into their busy, digitally stimulated lives.

Author: JUMP Team (Italy)

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